Evaluation methods for recruitment, selection or development purposes, such as case studies, tests, questionnaires or interview guides.


Companies in Switzerland focus especially on a variety of people with different backgrounds, age and gender when recruiting.

Home Office

Office work from home, in general with access to the company system via a laptop or computer.

Cognitive ability tests

Tests measuring the reasoning and intellectual abilities of people.


Totality of all available performance possibilities. This gives an idea of what people are able to achieve if they utilized all their abilities and competencies.


An evaluation or recommendation from a person of trust. In recruitment processes it is common to obtain these by phone from a former employer.


In the recruitment process this means the selection of the right people for the role as well as the company.

(Unique) Selling Points – USPs

Selling points that are unique for the company and distinguishes them from their competitors in the market.


The search for suitable candidates for a specific vacancy or a company.

Tool box

All methods that support the selection of the right candidates in the recruitment process.