About us

Years of practical experience in recruiting and assessment within international companies and a degree in psychology, specializing in work and the organization creates a perfect synergy. Jenny knows from her own experience what matters regarding internal company issues. It is important to be able to recognize complex topics and relationships quickly, deal with them and achieve the goal in as short a time as possible.
With her keen mind and a clear vision of her clients’ needs, she sees not only behind the scenes but also recognizes psychological events and therefore is able to develop tailored solutions matching those specific needs.

Her motivated and solution-oriented manner and a large degree of tact and empathy ensures that difficulties turn into exciting challenges as she is able inspire others, ensuring everyone is soon pulling in the same direction and on the same track. People who, like her, are passionate about climbing in the Swiss mountains, know that you can only reach the peak through team effort and that this team work makes the pleasure of reaching the summit even greater.


  • Extensive expertise in Human Resources, especially recruiting, selection and assessment
  • Design and development of workshop and training sessions as well as coaching of recruiting experts and leadership executives
  • Years of experience in leading regional and global projects
  • Leadership experience, particularly of specialists and technical experts

Since 2015
Owner of JENDIE HR Tooling – HR Expert, Consultant and Coach, specialized in Recruiting, Assessment and Development
2010 – 2014
Development and management of a global competence center for recruitment and assessment, senior management member in an international finance company
2006 – 2009
Recruiting expert and middle management member in a global bank
1998 – 2002
Consultant in a Human Resources agency in Zurich
1994 – 1998
Commercial officer in the tourism industry

2007 – 2014
Further training in leadership, project management, adult education and participation in the  mentoring program for female leaders in management
2002 – 2006
Psychology Major at HAP University of Applied Sciences, Degree in Psychology (FH), specialized in work and organization psychology
1999 – 2000
Federal diploma as Human Resources Specialist
1991 – 1994
Commercial education in the tourism industry