Reference Project – Trading Company

«Women win power for the company»

Starting Point

A trading company with mostly male experts would like to hire more female experts in order to actively promote diversity within the corporate culture. In previous recruitment campaigns, the majority of applicants were male (90%).


Sfar the recruitment process has mostly been focused on male applicants – although unconsciously. The following questions must be clarified in advance: What attracts women to companies? Are we fulfilling these criteria? Are we willing to make some concessions? If yes, in what context and areas?


Job descriptions should cater to female applicants so they feel invited to submit their application. The job interview should cover some specific needs of female applicants, such as flexible working hours, home office possibilities or part-time employment.

Tool box

  • Reformulation of job descriptions, to specifically attract women in the market

  • Structure the job interview, be sure to clarify the specific requests of female job applicants

  • Adaption of the recruitment process, for example, in addition to valuing technical skills within the pre-selection process, also sell the advantages of your corporate culture to female applicants or discuss the salary and also mention additional company services

Key Take Away

Women speak a “different” language. Make sure your job description does too. 

Women are not only interested in the hard facts such as tasks and salary, but you should also mention team spirit, additional company services, modern working models, etc. Make sure you also highlight the soft facts during the hiring process

Women apply for jobs using different criteria to men. Highlight these criteria throughout the whole hiring process.