Reference Project – Engineering Business

«The current recruitment strategy remains unsuccessful»

Starting Point

Within the last few years an engineering company has grown from a small start-up to a mid-sized enterprise. So far people have been hired by referrals or by conventional hiring through advertisements. Lately it has become more and more challenging to recruit the right employees, especially as the job tasks have gained in complexity with the increasing size of the company.


A clear recruitment strategy is missing: What challenges is the company facing within the next 1-2 years? What does this mean for the human resources department? What kind of employees will the company need to recruit within the next months? Are these people easy or hard to find? Who are the competitors in the recruitment market and how are they positioned?


A clear recruitment strategy must be defined. Therefore the current situation needs to be analyzed, the market screened and a vision established. Through all this information the proposals for the next steps can be made. These can affect different sections of the recruitment process, such as positioning of the company, sourcing strategy, processes, methods or training.


  • Individual meetings with employees and leadership members

  • Strategy workshop with key people in the company

  • Analysis of the gathered information, including proposals for next steps

  • Agreement on a common strategy

Key Take Away

When a company is above a certain size, especially within a strong growth phase, a clear recruitment strategy needs to be defined

Align all your recruitment processes with your recruitment strategy.

Keep the overall aims in mind, don’t lose yourself in individual tasks and small non-strategic projects